June 15, 2012

what I resort to

Here are some of my favorite looks for Resort 2013. I saw that many people agree with me and believe that the resort collections this year have been more than marvelous. It really does get me excited for the Spring collections in the fall.
Alexander Wang
I love how gloomy this collection is. I really enjoy the alligator skin tops, they give the collection an edge along with a different texture. The white tee dress is my favorite because it reminds me of the gangsta attire that they wear in the bay. The shoes look amazing, with a marble looking heel. Everything in this collection gives me apocalyptic street wear vibes. I love how everything A. Wang makes is so wearable. 
I really like the colors of the Balenciaga collection. I feel like the pastels are still appropriate and the cuts  add on to create such a whimsical effect. The black harness tops add a polish to the collection.
The bandanna trend controlled this collection, but my favorite part about it was the sheer pants. Let me get dat.
The scarf pattern really worked for Givenchy. I adored the shape of the pants and the way that they made the collection stand out. The colors really stand out but they still remain very chic. It is very refreshingly chic to see something so bold and polished. As you can see I really liked the sleeves of the tops, which are a combination of long sleeves and short sleeves with a little bit of a cape. Cape sleeves. SUPER.
 3.1 Phillip Lim 
Loved the creams of the collection. I however adored the leather overalls. I am here for overalls at the moment so I was satisfied with them. The paradise flower prints really please my summer vibes that radiant from my skin at the moment. I really feel like this collection had a lot of structure, and I enjoyed that. I really like structured clothes. And even though the clothes seem to drape on the skin, it still all seemed so perfectly polished.

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