June 11, 2012

high school wrap up

Even as I type this I can't believe it's real. I mean I saw it coming of course, but I just don't know how to feel about the situation. These last few weeks have been a great experience. I mean now that high school is over I feel so free, like I can do so many things. However, now I have to really plan out my plans for college and try to accomplish all my dreams. It is really stressful to tell people my plans for college, because they get all excited and worked up. I understand and I mean I should be too, but nobody really knows everything that I have to do. I mean it's the cheesy "no one knows my pain" kind of situation. I hate to get all teen emo on you guys, but my life is much more complicated than people think. I really do feel like I have more pressures than a kid my age should have.

Besides all the stressful things that along with the end of high school, there are also a lot of pretty cool and fun things. My intention was to really make several different posts, but I lost track of time and I would hate to dwell in the past for so much longer. I am trying to just update you guys real quick and then start blogging things a little bit after they happen, not a few weeks like I usually do. Now that it's summer, I have the ability to focus on blogging and finding inspiration. So here is a recap of my last few days of high school, which ends all those teenage high school complaints in my posts and allows for a carefree me to write on this blog.
I visited Disneyland for the first time in about 5 years. I went with my class as a graduation trip. I mean since I didn't go to prom, this was really the only thing I was looking forward to. I mean the experience was magical, like every Disneyland trip should be. I had a ton of fun with my friends, and it was just so amazing walking through Disneyland and remembering things from my childhood.
I was able to visit California Adventures, which I had never been to, and create new memories with my friends. My friend Karinna and I are huge Ariel fans so we took pride in taking pictures with anything Ariel. I wore my Linda Farrow-esque glasses, which Lady Gaga wears in her Paparazzi video. I really love these glasses, but I can never find the appropriate place to wear them without getting to many stares that I start feeling uncomfortable. They made me fit right in at Disneyland, and I did still get a lot of stares but these were probably more stares of appreciation.
My outfit inspiration was Prada Fall/Winter 2012. I really liked the repetitive geometrical shapes of the shirt when I first saw it at the store. I was actually waiting for my favorite Chinese food place to open, and decided to visit the thrift store next door. I ended finding the shirt and the shoes that I wore to Disneyland at the same store. Both things were $4 plus tax. I saw some amazing J.Crew shoes there too, but they weren't my size and I almost left the store crying....ANYWAYS...The shirt really reminded me of Prada and for some reason it also reminded me of the "It's a Small World" ride, so I thought it was appropriate.
 These are the beautiful shoes I got for such a cheap price. They have become my favorite shoes, and I wear them often. I recently wore them to graduation as well.
And this is me at the beach after the last day of school. I was trying to go for a beach bum look, and I mean only I would care about what I wore to a sandy beach (besides the people who care about their swim suits and whatever). This was at Santa Cruz with my best friend Jessica, who is looking retro from her hair, to her top, to her shorts. I really didn't plan taking pictures, but I became Jess' photographer and I started taking really good pictures of her. I really liked the way the ocean and the sand complimented her hair and skin. Everything just seemed to look so nice together. So I guess when I look at it my outfit also goes along with the sandy and blue combo.
And this friends was the moment of truth. Graduation came by so fast and it was a really weird experience. It was gonna be the last time I saw most of my classmates. I also found it so ironic how I spent my whole high school career trying to set myself apart from my classmates, and I ended up wearing the exact same blue graduation gown as everyone else. I did take pride in all my colorful leis however. I love orchids, so I worked those beauties. It was all to me a really pretty experience, now that I am a graduate I feel like I have to rock who I am with even more pride. I have so many people to prove right and wrong, but I also have myself and I plan to satisfy every dream I have come up with these last couple of years.

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  1. you are sooo cute! i love your sunglasses <3 congratulations on graduation :) thank you for your lovely comment.