June 21, 2012

mr mailman, I'm waiting

Anybody that knows me can tell you that I am a magazine junkie. I am obsessed with getting them in the mail too. That was really how I got into fashion, I wanted to get things in the mail. I was at Target once, waiting for my mom to finish shopping, and I stopped by the newsstand. I started reading Teen Vogue, and I really liked it. I think I liked the size, and it appealed to me being a young teen. So I got a subscription card with Taylor Lautner on it, and filled it out and sent it. I was beyond happy when I received my first issue. I then really just became so attached with magazines. It was just so satisfying, flipping through the beautiful scented pages, and just admiring everything. I started by buying EVERY single issue of about 5 different magazines. One day it just clicked *just get a subscription dummy*. So I did, and now I just wait for my magz every month.
There are months when I get a little impatient with the mailman. I have gotten better at controlling it, but I used to get really upset when it was almost the end of the month and I still didn't have my Vogue. I knew exactly what time the mailman came, and I would wait for him outside so I could hurry and grab my babies. We had a problem once where he was ripping my magazines when he stuffed them in my mailbox. I had to tell him it wasn't acceptable and that he needed to be more careful. However, nothing can compare to the sweet feeling of finally getting that issue you have been waiting for. My mailman is my frenemie. 
So this post was really inspired by me camping out for the mailman...if you haven't noticed already
denim shirt from Cotton On, H&M pants, and thrfited boots
I was feeling a little western this day.

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