June 14, 2012

wedge crazy

I think we can all agree that this wedged sneaker trend is popular...maybe even beyond popular. With designers like Isabel Marant, Marc Jacobs, and Jeffery Campbell  coming out with their own versions of the sneaker, we slowly start to love the idea. You know when I was slipping through the pages of the April issue of Teen Vogue, I saw this picture and thought "oh another wedged sneaker...big whoop". After seeing these shows I started to love them. I just loved the fact that they were NIKE. All the guys where I live wear nikes, so I thought "omg I can finally fit in!!". If I wore these people would just think I am wearing regular Nikes, because they did such a good job of hiding the heel. PLUS, I would be a couple of inches taller and people would not understand why and they would just blame it on puberty.
When I told my friends my plans of buying these shoes, they said "NIKES!? VICTOR NO!!". I guess it was because Nikes here have that reputation of being really urban and are related with the wannabe rappers. No one really understood how I would troll the world with these shoes. People would just think I was going along with the Nike trend but I would be wearing WEDGES, and most people would never know. I mean that's a genius plan if you ask me. So I went on the Nordstrom website and found that they were in stock, which was amazing...but they didn't have  my size. So I cried a little bit because I really wanted these shoes, I really wanted them badly. Their porcelain like print haunted my dreams. I got over them eventually, but I mean it isn't often when Vogue approves Nike shoes.

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