June 18, 2011

night crawler

One morning I woke up in need of creating a new outfit. Since I lack the $$$ to go to San Francisco thrifting, I needed to work with what I already had... and  with what my brother had. I wish I could make a post filled with summery prints and tribal clothing, but for now this will just have to do.
I was really inspired by all those pictures I see online, where all the cool kids are having  a blast getting into dirty trouble. This was my take on all those pictures. The fact that I shot these pictures at night, really hurt the quality. It also required me to take 5678 pictures just to get the right one (and about 353 test shots). That fact that I work solo makes my job even harder, since I have to set everything up AND run to the right spot to pose. I also wanted that grainy, faded effect that all the pictures I was inspired from had.
shirt is Cotton On
vest is stolen from my brothers closet, shorts are Pacsun but I cut them myself
both studded bracelets are H&M
When I first tried this outfit on, it reminded me of something a "rock star" teen would wear to like the Kid Choice Awards. As I observed it more, I actually really enjoyed it. It had rebelle beau written all over it. I actually wanted to pose with my trophy to add satire to the whole shoot, but it was moving away from the "trouble maker" idea. The tank top I wore is so beautiful, well I mean the girl on it. I think I only like it because she's smoking glamorously (DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT SUPPORT THE ACT OF SMOKING. I DON'T DO IT MYSELF), and because of the French text.
This photo shoot also gave me the idea to change something about my hair. I hated the way my hair blended in with the background, since my hair is as black as night. As I was in the car the other day, I saw a guy which looked like he belonged in the pictures that inspired this shoot. He had FLAMING red hair, a little like Rihanna's, and he had on a leather vest. He was hanging out with his rebel buddies, and they were about to ride bikes. It really inspired me, and I don't think it would look bad since I share the same skin tone with Rihanna, and it looks fine on her. It's something I would have to think about, and also save money for. I would probably have to bleach it, and that sounds like a hassle. It would all have to be during the summer though, just because my parents are maximally traditional and would hate me going to school like that. 
I like the way this seems like it was taken in the city, not a shit town. (suburbia)
This just motivates me to get my hair dyed.
champagne leopard crawler
suburban party, where all the fun occurs
midnight rebels.
dark punk

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