June 25, 2011

Two for the Road

After bleaching my dad's shirt because I got mad at him for making me wash the bathroom, while my brother played outside happily, I was grounded and had to give back my phone (which was worthless anyways since the battery broke) and internet for like... a day. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. I had really nothing better to do  but watch movies. This summer I promised I would watch all the Audrey Hepburn movies my public library had to offer, so I had a lot of movies to chose from. I watched The Nun's Story and Two for the Road. Out of the two, Two for the Road was my favorite, and I also feel like it could be one of my favorite movies of the whole summer. I think I really enjoyed this movie because it reminded me that love still exists (and when I mean love I mean the one besides the love for all things vain and fashion). Mark (Albert Finney) and Joanna (Audrey Hepburn) had a weird relationship, but in the end they were deeply in love.
I think Audrey looked her best for this movie, my eyes kept focusing on her eyes (which had eyeliner and they looked so sexy). The movie goes back and forth between 3 different times in the couple's relationship. They all the show a different side of Joanna, fashion-wise. The present time era, is when she looks simply glamorous and stylish. She wears luxurious clothing, and really just sends out an aura of class. She also has shorter hair during this time, and it really helps her maintain her classy look.
You can't really tell, but Joanna wore some latex outfit (above). It was really shiny and rubbery and it reminded me of all the latex Gaga used to wear. It was really chic of her, the way she stormed away from Mark. I also love how she wore this to ride in a car while traveling all of Southern France.
My absolute favorite outfit out of the whole movie was this red and yellow striped ensemble. I really only liked it because of the plastic glasses she wore with it; which reminded of of the Marc Jacobs ones that Gaga wore for V Magazine. (I really didn't mean to reference Gaga twice but that was the only picture I could find of the glasses up close.) Audrey looked really chic, and eccentric compared to her love Mark Wallace. She wore pastel yellow shoes and tights, but even though she used a lot of yellow I didn't see this whole outfit as matchy-matchy.
Joanna also brought out my summer vibes with this yellow outfit. It was perfect for the whole '60s/'70s era in which the movie was filmed. The big sunglasses seemed similar, yet different from the ones of our present time. Plus look at Mark showing off some leg with that little striped swimsuit. Wish I still saw a couple like this at the beach...
Speaking of Mark, his hair and his look really reminded me of someone. Unfortunately, I can't remember who (or I just wish not to mention it here *heeheehee*). Mark was your typical American man, for the late '60s, and he really just reminded me of someone from one of my dreams (daydreams maybe). The hair color and the "helplessly in love" look just really strengthened the memory of that memory, the memory of someone with a completely different view on life as mine.
Audrey didn't disappoint, and just had me wishing I was Joanna and Mark's love child. At the end of the movie I knew I had to fall in love all over again... with clothing that is.

Amy on Tumblr said:
"You know, all the clothes were purchased off-the-rack! Audrey didn’t originally want them to do that, as she was ususally dressed by Givenchy for her films. But they felt like it would make her character seem more real to wear “average” clothes."

Now if only everyone else that is around my age would watch this beauty.

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