June 13, 2011

Summer rebel pastels.

I was really inspired by Mugler for this look. I know a lot of people criticize Little Monsters who are also into fashion, because they say we only like what Gaga wears or promotes. I find this so unfair, because they steal our spotlight and our credibility. I did take inspiration from Gaga and Mugler for this look, not because it was my intention, but because when I saw the color of the vest (which was originally a shirt) it reminded me of the yellow rubber material that Mugler used. I would have loved mine to be made out of rubber, but I'll have to do with my cotton version. Gaga wore the above at the 2011 Grammies. The rubber jacket is from the Mugler F/W 2011 Men's collection.
The shirt that I made into the vest, was the same shirt I wore to my 8th grade dance. Everyone dressed up and what not, so after that day I never really wore it again. One day while going through my closet, I found it and fell in love with the color all over again. So against my parent's wishes, I tore it up and made it fit me once again.
The white shirt is H&M. I really like it because it's slightly sheer, so since I'm in love with sheer and because I really like how it looks with my skin color, I had to have it the moment I saw it. I also have it in cardigan form. The shoes are Urban Outfitters, and I really adore how they go with everything and how they are like the right shoes for minimalism. This outfit is really one of my most simple outfits. It's a combination of my rebel aesthetic and one of my classic simple moods.
The pants are Cotton On, and they are slightly faded now. It's funny actually, because you can only see the fades under certain light. Most of the time they are just black. My favorite part of the vest is when it flows in the wind, or when I walk. I usually just picture myself looking really glamorous, and the papz take pictures of me while I walk flowing in the wind. (These are the vain ideas that go through my head)

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