June 14, 2011

Givenchy Resort 2012

Due to the fact that I am so overwhelmed lately with so much inspiration, I hadn't really been interested in the Resort collections this year. I found them all okay but nothing more than that. Givenchy however, really blew me away! All though many say it's nothing "new", due to the fact that it is similar to the F/W 2011 collection, I was really impressed. I loved the F/W collection so much that I was really happy that Riccardo Tisci decided to incorporate the same idea into the Resort. 
The Bird of Paradise print caught my instantly. It screamed tropical, summer getaway. The Bird of Paradise is one of my favorite flowers, so this collection was going to be an instant favorite. I really like the reflection of the pattern, because it creates such a beautiful illusion.
The fact that Givenchy maintains this edgy aesthetic really captivates me. Even with the floral prints, it still has a certain edge; something that takes punk and makes it beautiful. Riccardo really took florals to a whole new level with this collection. What I love about the sweaters (like the one on the right), is that that they can be very casual, yet they can be pulled off as daytime glamorous.
Some of my favorite pieces from this collection are a little bit simpler. What I love about the white piece on the left (besides the fact that it's white, since I ADORE white) is the the collar of the sweater. It seems to have been styled with beautiful necklaces, and there seems to be a nice intricate design that really dazzles me. The piece on the right has me mesmerized. The pop of color is so beautiful, and it really makes the flower stand out from the other types of printed flowers in the collection. 
I just wanted to point out the use of sheer fabric in the skirts; also the way they are used in the F/W 2011 collection. Also, I really love the way the magenta flowers go with the cargo green. The visors, along with the lanyards, make the collection seem like it is the glamorous twist on a tourist uniform. There has always been that negative connotation that comes with the word "tourist", but I would love to be called a tourist as long as I was able to wear this collection. You can really tell that Tisci was playing with that idea in this collection.
Two things I want to point out from the collection are the shoes and the "two-strip" skirts. The shoes are just so perfect for a Resort collection. They scream summer, without having that tacky flip-flop feel to them. The "two-strip" skirts are so creative, because they create a contradiction with having the sides long, but still allow women to show off those legs. Also, I really love how some outfits can be so simple and punk; while others are really unique and glamorous. 

I would also like to thank Riccardo Tisci for picking Saskia de Brauw to model some of these outfits, because to me she is exactly what Givenchy represents. Her edgy look can also be so soft and beautiful. 

Pictures courtesy of Vogue.

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