December 27, 2011


Galaxies away do you think they celebrate Christmas? Greetings, happy holidays! I really hope all of you are enjoying these rejoicing times. I just got out of school for holidays on the 23rd and have to go back on the 9th. Last week was really chaotic for me, having to get ready to leave school for the break and making sure I talked to all my teachers about my letters of recommendation for college before break. Thankfully the college application process is almost done, and I will finally be able to go into full seniorits mode. I really can't wait for the coming year because it will be full of so many changes in my life, and it will be the year that I face all my fears and adventure into the unknown all by myself.

I've recently gotten this strange obsession with trying to perfect the Alexa Chung picture. I just really admire anybody who can edit their pictures on their iPhone so perfectly, and Alexa takes the cake for editing in my book. I've gone through so many apps trying to look for the one that I believe Alexa uses, but I wasn't very successful. It wasn't until recently that I realized that it's not the app she uses that makes the pictures so perfect, it's her vision and good looks that make her pictures eye-candy for me.

Christmas this year for me started early. I went out a week before and bought myself a bunch of new clothes in San Francisco. I visited my favorite thrift stores like Buffalo Exchange, Wasteland, and the Haight-Ashbury Goodwill. I also visited H&M, Urban Outfitters, and American Apparel. Urban Outfitters and American Apparel both had things that were so-so, but they were really overpriced. I'm not cheap with my clothes, I just like spending more money on things I absolutely love. Actually it was my first time visiting Urban Outfitters in San Francisco and it was a mess and really just terrible. They had all their designer collaboration clothes out on display throughout the store, and that was pretty much it for the guys section. In the women's section I did find a nice looking fur coat, but I had just bought one at Wasteland so I was low on cash. I've personally only bought shoes at UO just because I've never really seen any of their clothes that call to me. American Apparel was a different story! I really liked a lot of things, but it just came down to buying one AA sweater or buying more than one thing at different stores...I chose the latter. I really made some nice purchases at H&M, they had a nice sale so it was easy! I'll be pointing out the things I bought as I post them.

Christmas Eve is celebrated more in my family than Christmas day. We got together with some family and we opened some gifts later that night. I got a lot of clothes. 1 pair of pants, 2 H&M shirts, and the HBO Monster Ball Special DVD are the only presents that I LOVED. OH, my parents did buy me Carine Roitfeld's Irreverent, but Barnes & Noble has to special order it and it ships in 2-3 weeks so I can't wait for that. Irreverent was really the only present I cared about.

I really didn't know what to wear for the occasion. I really didn't have any nice festive clothes so I went with something more minimal. Here you can see me posing with our tree. Now the tree isn't that small, I'm just tall so it looks like a midget compared to me.

Dad's coat, H&M top, and Dior shirt underneath. 

My neighbor (she's 7) asked me what kind of video games I played with when I was 5, and I had to tell her that when I was a kid we didn't care about video games. I told her that all I played with was my Winnie the Pooh playset (with all the charcters and with a carrying case that was also Pooh's house that you could play with). It makes me really sad to see how technology affects children at such a young age. I love technology but I wish there was an age limit on it, just so children can experience a simpler, happier childhood.
Here you can get a better look at the detail of the layering. The H&M top is a cream color, but when I combined it with the Dior shirt, it camouflages into a nice toned down nude color. The necklace is also from H&M and I love it because you can really just give any outfit an extra UMPH with this collar necklace. Speaking of colors, I would like to take sometime to appreciate the beautiful pointed color of my Dior shirt. It's just so perfect. :')
My friend Mrrm asked me if I was dressed up as a priest. I mean if I were to wear the necklace under my collar I could see what she was talking about.
Shoes are thrifted. I wish they were pointy, but I love the extra boost they add to my height,

If you are wondering about all the galactic styled pictures, I spent a day being inspired by Lady Gaga's performance of Marry The Night at the MTV EMAs. 

I just hope you guys have a lot of fun during this time of year. No matter what holiday you celebrate, or even if you don't celebrate anything at all. Shout out to all my American Muslim readers though, because it must be hard to have everyone celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah. I respect all of you that stick to your traditions and don't fall for the commercialized version of Christmas! 

I'm trying to think of something cool and fun to do on New Years. Something for the end of December and then the beginning of January. I don't know where I'll be spending NYE so we will just have to see if my location affects my posting abilities. 

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