December 07, 2011

the pony affair

I recently read a wonderful article on Rookie talking about women of different ethnicities during different times of American history. It captures their looks, personality, and culture all into one idea. Showing various pictures to go along with descriptions of each culture's different style, the author really tries to decipher the story behind the women's way of dress. I loved reading how Jenny Zhang analyzed each look with such preciseness, and really interpreting the meaning and the reason for the certain style of the women.

I really related to the article, especially when it came to reading her take on the Zoot Suit pachucas, because I do feel that people with so much culture are able to create this wonderful portrayal of uniqueness by embracing their heritage, or just plainly who they are. The article, named Style = Substace , really emphasizes how your style is a depiction of your message, your struggle, and your background.

I went through my parents' belongings (like I do all the time in hopes to find cool things), and I found my dad's sarape, which is basically a poncho. He only wears it on cold days, so I just went ahead and put it on day. I did fold it a certain way to make it resemble a kimono, just because I love folding blankets or other drape-y things to create a new shape. I'm also quite obsessed with balance and symmetry so I tried to create this reflective fold.

You can really appreciate the horse print on the poncho this way more. I also love the way the top creates this angled point on the chest area. I fastened it with a hair clip after this picture was taken because the material is quite thick so it can't be held easily. I just held it together to make it look less weird. The little tassels at the end also really give it the Mexican rancher touch.

I could probably start a new trend by coming out with collection of just kimono/poncho dresses that have ponies and other farm animals on it. It could be culture chic. It has substance in my opinion.

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