December 14, 2011

flames of revolution

Is it a sin to be so addicted to a book series that you skip school in order to read one of the books? Is it a sin to get in trouble in calculus class because you don't have your calc book open,  but instead you're reading out of one of the Hunger Games books? No I didn't think so. I just finished the second book and I am still hyped up and completely blown away by this series. This book just crosses so many boundaries and it just appeals to me so much. I enjoyed the first book quite a lot, but now I can't even recall it since Catching Fire has me mesmerized. 

This series can appeal to anyone. It has romance, action, and even quite a lot of fashion. Jennifer Lawrence (who plays Katniss in the upcoming movie of the book) said to Teen Vogue: "The cool thing about Katniss is that every fan has such a personal relationship with her, and they understand and know her in a singular way". I personally have a fashion relationship with Katniss. Even though she despises anything pretty because she is so simple, that bitch has the most beautiful gowns. I was dying while I read the book because I just imagined her wearing that beautiful white fur coat. NOW DONT GET ME STARTED ON THE MOCKINGJAY DRESS BECAUSE I AM GOING TO DIE JUST THINKING ABOUT HOW LONG I HAVE TO WAIT TILL I SEE IT IN THE SECOND MOVIE. I just envision the fashion icons being resembled in this series. I imagine Cinna to be a clone made by the DNA of Lagerfeld and McQueen. I think Effie is a mixture of Anna Dello Russo and Anna Wintour. I envisioned Katniss' wedding dress to be from the S/S '12 Chanel collections, with the wonderful pearl details. I always imagine her in A. Wang S/S '12 when she is competing the Games. 

When I think of the interview dress that Katniss wears in the first book, this is what comes to mind. I think McQueen would have been the perfect person to design the costumes for the movie series. SOMEONE ASK SARAH BURTON PLEASE!! She did wonders for the Duchess of Cambridge she can do wonders for The Hunger Games.

Speaking of dresses however, many designers have sketched out what they picture Katniss' fire ensemble to be like. I was more than entertained looking at the sketches! InStyle posted them on their website, and I was looking at each one for hours. Here are some of my favorites.

In my opinion, Christian Cota had the most accurate sketch out of the bunch.

Christian Siriano

Nicole Miller

Rachel Roy wins most creative in my opinion! AND SHE ADDED THE MOCKINGJAY PENDANT!

Joyce Azria from BCBGENERATION had the most beautiful sketch. I think she captured the look that Cinna picked for Katniss, in the first book, perfectly. However this dress is more like something Katniss would wear in the interview.

Eric Fetherston's sketch was the odd ball of the group, because the color scheme was different than the rest. I however think this design is perfect for a collection based off the movie, but not the exactly what I expect for the fire outfit.

I made a little Hunger Games altar after I finished the book.

This is my Hunger Games look that I created based off the first two books. The shorts are made out of a mesh-y jersey material; which reminded me out what Katniss wore for her Quell outfit (and i decided on shorts due to the water). The shorts are described by my friend as "basket ball shorts", but I think they are more like the sportswear that Alexander Wang created for his S/S '12 collection than what they wear in the NBA. The leather jacket is my take on the first Hunger Games outfit, from the first book. I love how inaccurate my idea of the Hunger Games outfits are (KEYWORDS MY IDEA). You cant blame me though, this is just what I would wear for the Games.

I get to start the third book tomorrow, and I am quite excited. I will make a third look for the book. Just don't take these looks seriously people, since this is just for fun. If I had body suits, I would make a more accurate look, but then it would just be a costume...

After I finished the second book I listened to Lana Del Rey's born to die an envisioned myself starting a revolution. Lana Del Rey in my opinion should be on the Hunger Games soundtrack because I think she would be something that Katniss would listen to, if they both existed in the same world.

Now that we are on the subject, I loved Lana's Born To Die video. The special effects weren't the most polished, but I tried to focus on the tigers in the cathedral more. She has become my guilty pleasure this week, and I am in love with her look and voice.

Okay now I have to catch up on Hamlet for my AP Literature class, and finish the AP Calculus homework I've neglected this week due to the Hunger Games. My motivation is to finish tonight to have all of tomorrow to read MOCKINGJAY! So excited.

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