December 11, 2011


Salut. Konichiwa. Me0w. Wintry feelings leave me feeling quite adventures. Like a little kitten I went out seeking a warm place to play. I went to one of my friendly neighborhood laundromats to see what they had to offer. I realized we have a lot of laundromats in Newark. I think we could possibly have like a world record or something. Anyways I don't frequent these things because I have my own washing appliances at home, so I really didn't know what I would be confronted with. These are the things that I do when I make plans for the day, but don't go through with them.

I planned to go to San Francisco, but things occurred and it wasn't able to be executed. I made laundromat my playground, my jungle to explore. It was quite empty when I went in, so I thought it was just going to be me and the cameras watching me as I did outrages little things. As more people started to come in, I toned down my activities and tried to lay low and go unnoticed. Sometimes it was possible, other times.. let's just say things got out of hand.

Things started out pretty calm with me taking reading breaks. I brought two books with me to have something to do in case that I couldn't do what I planned on doing. There I perched on the bench and purred while curled up to some good books. 

Things soon got pretty serious when I got into one of the laundry carts and started racing around the laundromat pretending I was in some amazing getaway movie scene.

I then posed in my Marc Jacobs knit sweater pose, which more of an inside joke between my friend Aimee and I. I wore this specific sweater because it reminded me of the lint you find inside the dryer, but at the same time it was very kitty-like. It's nice, chunky, and warm; making it the perfect winter sweater.

Sweater is Cotton On, thrifted pants, and vintage boots

My favorite part about this sweater is that it has this little tear. (The sweater is supposed to have this tear by the way) Everyone always asks me "what happened??" or "did you buy it like that??". I don't think people understand the point of artistic pieces in clothing. I love that I wear something under my sweater and have it pop out through this section.

While at the laundromat I discovered the act of losing/forgetting things at the laundromat. Some poor child forgot their little lipstick on top of one of the machines and I used it to my advantage.


My phone was used to take this picture, and I liked it because it showed how mess my hair was. I also thought I looked so darn a kitty. My hair has been very messy due to the fact that it is very long, and I haven't gotten a haircut.

This was also taken with my phone at my house, just because I liked the colors.

 I fixed my altar for this month. I just took out some candles and put some jewelry out for display. The necklaces on the left and right are made by me. The one on top is my favorite little deer necklace.

I had a French project this month. I had to read an article from a French magazine and then write about it. I was also made to include pictures. I did my project on the Vogue Paris article "L'homme qui aime les femmes" which is about Haider Ackermann. It talked about his SS 11 collection, and his rise to fame. Here is my rendition on one of the pieces from his Spring/Summer 2011 collection.

I leave you with the picture that got me in trouble at the laundromat. The bras belong to the mother of some boy from my school. I didn't know that they were their's until AFTER I took the picture. It was one of the most awkwardest things I have ever done. Now I can ever be friends with the poor kid.

 I have a panther obsession.

Hope you guys are having a nice December! I'm almost done with school and I plan on going on some crazy retail therapy next week, so I'll have tons of new clothes to show off. PLUS with the holidays and my birthday right around the corner, I should be blessed with new little friends (clothes).

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