November 27, 2011

Woodland creature

I feel so embarrassed to make a post after that last one I made was over a month ago. November wasn't the nicest to me this year, and you can tell since it is the only month where I only made one post for this blog (you can predict the next post won't come until December by this). It makes me so upset that I lost a whole month in where I could have made wonderful autumn posts. November was chaotic and I have so much to update all my readers with.

After months of "looking" for a job, I finally got one. It was a fast food job, which I plan to go into detail in an upcoming book post. It was a short lived time in my life, where my time was just absorbed to the maximum. You would think that this would mean more posts showing off my new clothes and what not, but no. For the month that I worked, I never saw any money until I actually left the job. Therefore, I missed the Versace for H&M line since I worked and didn't have money for it. I missed going out with friends, and I missed posting on PUNKIUS. AND I MISSED MEETING MARC JACOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (but that is a story that I will tell later on) Anyways that chapter is closed in my life, and now I have money to spend and buy wonderful clothing to share with all of you.

So I've been really getting into the Fall Festivities lately, and I'm trying to for as long as possible since the Californian weather robbed me 2 months worth of Fall. I've been listening to Florence + The Machine's album "Ceremonials" quite a lot, and I find it the perfect album for Fall. It's spine chilling vocals really remind you of the cool autumn wind (that I'm barely just experiencing these past few weeks). I've also been wearing a lot of my Spring prints and matching them up with warmer pieces to create this tribal look, that is wearable for Fall/Winter. For this outfit I actually combined a literal tribal piece with my winter clothes, instead of doing that whole implication of prints that I was talking about before. 
I appologize if any of you are offended by my post Thanksgiving Feast pose.
I've been wearing my moccasins more this Fall because I need to before the winter rains come, and make it impossible to wear them. I also like how they go with anything and just gives everything a little spunk. The pants pictures are my ASOS Military Paperbag Drop Crotch pants. I had only worn them twice, this being one time and the other time when I went to go sign my termination papers at my job. 

 I thought this look was very cabin resort-ish, so I really wanted to get pictures with pines and stuff, and I remembered the house we would be spending Thanksgiving at had all these pine trees, so I decided to have the photoshoot there. I didn't like the pictures however, and it got really late, so the flash just ruined the pictures; also, it was too dark to take pictures without the flash. I was able to take a couple pictures with my phone that weren't as high quality but I think they were okay enough to have just to show variety, and not to necessarily show off the clothes.

My sweater is H&M, pants are from ASOS, and the moccasins are Minnetonka from Urban Outfitters.

The picture above was taken when I was in line, camping out of H&M on Black Friday. It was my first time ever going Black Friday shopping since I always thought it was ridiculous risking my life for things I could probably get when the malls aren't filled with psychopaths. My experience proved me right. I went to H&M since they would be giving out little scratchers with store credit. Each little scratcher could have up to $300, and only the first 100 customers would receive them. I didn't think it would be too hard to be one of the first 100 if I went a couple hours earlier and just waited outside. Well I got there 2 hours before the mall opened and there was already a huge line...but it turned out that line was for Coach, and then found the smaller mall line. After waiting 2 hours in the cold and having so many people cut us, they opened the mall and customers raced to the stores. I ran to H&M to find some people already in line. I joined them and waited till they opened. It quickly got packed and so many people were pushing and shoving and there was a crowd just watching us. When they opened the doors a flood of customers flowed through the store, and the first 100 got their scratchers (I wasn't one of them...). However the flow seemed to get bigger and crazier and I was lucky to get through the door when they closed the door again. There had been a stampede and the guard got overwhelmed, so they let the crowd simmer down before opening again.

Inside the store, there were shoppers pulling clothes off racks like if they were the last articles of food left on the planet. There were a couple of affordable pieces, but nothing too amazing. My dreams of coming home with hug bags worth of clothes quickly vanished and settled for one blazer/coat thing. That was a "fashion find" and was $50 off the regular price for that day.  Then I waited an hour in line, and then left the store to find a HUGE line outside H&M just waiting to get in. It wasn't worth it. By that time the store was ravaged, and anything left you could buy any regular day.

The moccasins that helped me beat people to the H&M line are one of my most prized possessions. They are my absolute favorite, and you can tell since they are worn out a little, but I just love them. I think they were meant to be mine since I found them on sale for $30, when online they are $50. I guess they were returned since they weren't in the box, but they didn't have any defect when I bought them so I knew it was a sign from above to buy them.

As you may have noticed these pictures aren't taken with my camera and they are edited. I recently was gifted an iPhone 4 (yeah I know I just got a BlackBerry 2 months ago, but I love my iPhone way more than I ever loved my BlackBerry...sorry I'm not sorry RIM) and I've become an Instagram whore. I love the way Instagram gives photos a different feel with their different filter options. It is very convenient for me to take pictures with my iPhone, than carrying around my camera. You might see a lot of my Instagrammed pictures from now on my blog, mostly to show you guys cool stuff I see.

Now I present to you my latest addiction, and much of the inspiration for my outfit. I had gotten this book over the summer, but I started reading it like 5 days ago. I loved it so much I actually finished it that same day (the same day I quit my job!!!). I think it let me become inspired and bring me back to a state of creativity. When I picked this outfit I couldn't help but imagine that this is what I would wear if I was in the Hunger Games. I would probably die quickly since my moccasins aren't much protection from the rough woods in the book, but at least I would die fabulous. The book had a lot of emphasis on clothing and fashion in my opinion so I thought it was a suitable book to be inspired by for a fashion blog. I can't wait to see the movie in March, and continue reading the book series. I've become a big fan, and already made the Mockingjay tone my ringtone on my phone. One problem I do face myself with is I don't know what to call us Hunger Games addicts. So if anyone could help a new fan here. What is the correct term?? Hung-ards..? Hung..eeks? HELP!!

 Isabel Lucas for Vogue Australia convinced me to go tribal this fall.

Rick "Rico" Genest 

Because even though I hate plaid it is a great Fall piece, if you find one that isn't so colorful and I mean if you are as beautiful as Frida Gustavsson then you can pull it off.

This is one of the outtakes from the first photoshoot. I thought it was the only decent picture, and it just adds a little fun. I have a lot more time to make posts now, and you will find that I will be posting more often, but they wont be as lengthy as the posts that I usually do. I want to thank all you readers that have kept reading PUNKIUS when it was inactive. Shout out to the UK, Hungary, Singapore, and Germany for the GREAT amount of traffic during inactivity. I'm so glad to see that readers form all over the world have been enjoying and reading PUNKIUS!! Thank you... OHHHH before I leave I MUST explain my Marc Jacobs incident.

This is the conversation I had with Marc Jacobs on Twitter. He was going to be in San Francisco and I got way to excited about the idea of being able to see him in person. He probably thought I was super creepy, but I got his attention didn't I???? Not long before he makes me the new BryanBoy...hopefully...

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